The Canvas Calendar

A minimal and creative approach to the calendar

The Canvas Calendar is a progressive and minimal calendar designed for people to optimize the productivity creatively. With this minimal canvas you can craft your memories and turn it into a creative masterpiece.

The well-planned white space can be used in various ways, so you have all the space to unchain your creativity.The Canvas Calendar is not just a typical planner. Its aesthetics and pleasure of use create an emotional response in the user. It will surely be an important element of your home, elegantly complementing the decor. Youʼll never tire of its look.

Its visual appearance is pared down to whatʼs essential, and the smart layout will help you put the creativity to best use.We designed a minimal calendar for you with which you can interact and ispresent in the physical space.

The reason to keep it minimal is to turn this calendar into a piece of craft, the spacing is adequate for you to put pictures, stick notes, mark down the dates and you will see with time it will turn into an artwork that will be one of itʼs kind.No Canvas Calendar can be similar to the other and that is what makes it so unique. With the Canvas Calendar you can craft your memories every passing day. Use it for a team or make it highly personal.


Two sizes 5ft x 2.5ft and 3ft x 1.75ft

Print Material
Canvas, extremely durable plain-woven fabric. Thick
and durable.

Frame Material
Crafted beautiful European oak. Exhibit characterful and
alluring grain, blending naturally with the existing decor.

1.3 kg and .5 kg

Designed for Sustainability
The Canvas Calendar is built to last. The planned closed cycle and carefully designed form will allow you to use it around the year. Selected recyclable canvas fabric and wooden framing, for a sustainable, responsible, high quality product.

Ready to ship in 1-2 weeks from India

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Price Details
₹ 4999
₹ 2799

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